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Linemen Insulation Ladders

Linemen Insulation Ladders

Linemen Insulation Ladders,which are made by fiberglass reinforced plastic, are used for line line work on distribution or transmission line by linemen.the Linemen insulation ladder asked a very high electrical and mechanical performance.

1.Main material :

1.1 Frame : Foam filled fiberglass tube in orange or yellow.

1.2 Step: Foam filled fiberglass tube in orange or yellow..

1.3 Strengthen Bar: Foam filled fiberglass tube in orange or yellow.

1.4 Hook or other Joint accessories: Stainless steel

1.5 Moving wheel: High strength metal + Nylon

1.6 Rope: Insulation Nylon rope.


2.1Dielectrical Test: 30kV

2.2 Insulation Between Rungs:30kV

2.3Anti Slip of Step

2.4High Mechanical resistant to bending and twist

2.5High Resistant to bad weather and corrosion element

3.Technical Detail:

3.1 Applied Standard: GB17620-2008 and EN 131

3.2The ladder can be designed according to customers’ requirement.

5. Safety Note:

5.1 Please inspect the ladder main body and parts according to GB17620-2008 orEN 131 before use it ,If there is any defects or crack ,Please don’t use it.

5.2 Please follow the ladder and live line work operation regulation when use it.

5.3 Please protect the ladder avoid the damage and moisture which will affect the insulation level.

5.4 Please inspect the ladder every year regularly to guarantee the ladder in well condition.

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