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126kV SF6 Self-blasting circuit breaker Insulation rod
Posted:2016-12-09 | Browse: 1749 【Close this page

composite stay insulator

126kV SF6 Self-blasting circuit breaker Insulation rod

The function of Insulation rod(GIS- switch rod) are insulate the electrical potential and carry out the command to switch on and switch off from the substation control room by using the insulation tension rod open and close the dynamic and static contact.So that the insulation tension rod are required not only a high insulation character ,but also the mechanical and operation ageing performance. There is a very high requirement of punch or flashover along with the surface.It can not be allowed to occur the burn or deformation on the pole

1.Voltage: 126kV---550KV

2.Size :Φ19xΦ27,Φ23.5xΦ37 ,Φ28xΦ38, Φ44xΦ55,Φ58xΦ70,Φ78xΦ90, Φ78xΦ96

3.Length: from 500mm to 5000mm.

4.Application: GIS disconnecter

5.Technical Character :

composite stay insulator

6.Different type of the insulation pole.

composite stay insulatorcomposite stay insulatorcomposite stay insulator composite stay insulator

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