Fiberglass profile pultrusion technology

October 8, 2023
Latest company news about Fiberglass profile pultrusion technology

In nowadays, The FRP products are widely used in our industrial and daily life. The advantage of the FRP profiles are colorful surface ,good looking, high strength, light weight ,insulation ,anti fire and chemical resistant.If the profiles have the same section can be made by pultrusion technology.

The fiberglass profile pultrusion production line include the fiberglass moving shelf ,mold with shelf, heating devise,pultrusion machine , electrical control switch.

The raw material for fiberglass profile products are include fiberglass ,resin and hardness agency and other accelerat.

The process of the fiberglass profile manufacture: firstly, chose the suitable diameter of the mold put on the shelf.then calculate the fiberglass roving quantity and then guide the fiberglass roving to go through the mold and into the pultrusion equipment. Then start the heating parts increase the mold temperature up to 120 degree on the input parts and 180 degree to the output part, finally pour the mixed resin into the device and start the vacuum system,This is the generally process of the fiberglass profile pultrusion technology.

We can make the fiberglass rod, fiberglass tube. Fiberglass dog bone, fiberglass corner or fiberglass cross arm ,fiberglass hot sticks and so on by this pultrusion process.