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October 8, 2023
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How to chose the polymer insulator core rod?

Polymer insulators ,Which include polymer suspension insulators, polymer tension insulator, polymer stay insulators ,polymer post insulators , polymer line post insulators,polymer railway insulators,loop insulators, tramway insulators,ESP insulators and so on ,more info can be get from website www.tidpower.com ,are used more and more recently year in transmission and distribution power line,caused by the advantage of the polymer insulator ,light weight, anti-pullution and safety ,

The insulator content 3 parts ,fiberglass core rod,silicone rubber and the metal fittings.The function of the fiberglass is inner insulation and afford the mechanical load, the metal fittings are used for connecting the insulation parts with live line and the tower. Silicone rubber is the parts for protecting the fiberglass rod against the UV and increase the creapage of the insulator.

Based on above , We can got that the quality of the insulator relayed on the quality of the fiberglass rod.So that how to chose a fiberglass rod is very important for manufacture the polymer insulator.

Generally,There are two type of insulator core rod, one is E glass epoxy fiberglass rod,the other is ECR glass epoxy fiberglass rod, Normally ,we suggest to use ECR rod for 132KV insulator and above ,especially for suspension and tension insulator, 132KV and below insulator ,we can chose E glass fiberglass or ECR glass rod, We have reports in China that the 110KV insulator failed on line and we found that always broken on the 150mm parts away from the live line part and checked the insulator ID record and we found the common info that the insulator made by E glass rod,In China,we did a lot of research and finally we got that the arcing always occurred at the place 150mm away from the live line parts.The arcing burned the silicone rubber and the fiberglass rod bored out . And the arcing electrolyze the water from the fog ,dew and rain into the soft acid.The acid corrode the fiberglass continually and finally if the manufacture use the Eglass rod for the composite insulator, then it will break very soon and fall down from the line. However if the manufacture chose the ECR fiberglass rod ,This kinds of story will not happen.

There are so many fiberglass rod manufacture ,How can we find out the right one ? If anyone want to catch the point only by the fiberglass rod out look and the price,who will take a big risk.There is almost no any big different only by inspect the appearance.We should do the test according to IEC 61109 or relative ASTM or GB/T standard by ourselves and trial on the manufacture process to make sure. There below is the technical character of the fiberglass for our reference:

FRP rod

Insulator Core Rod E glass and ECR-glass )



No. Technical specification Unit Specification value
1 Density(at 20±2℃) g/cm3 2.2
2 Water absorption rate (at 20±2℃,24h) % 0.05
3 Tensile strength Mpa 1100
4 Bending strength Mpa 960
5 Dye penetrated test Min 15
6 Water diffusion test (1%NaCl,Boiling for 100h 12kv/1min) mA 0.1
7 Shearing strength along laminas Mpa 50
8 Volume resistivity (140,96h) Ω.M 1010
9 DC withstand voltage (10mm) kV 50
10 Lighting surge withstand voltage (100kv,10mm) Times 5
11 Bending strength at heating conditions Mpa/150 350
12 Stress corrosion (1mol/1HNO3,at 67%stress) h 96 (ECR rod only)
13 Torsion strength Mpa 800



Insulator core rod made of ECR fiberglass reinforced the epoxy resin.Insulator core rods also are also called fiberglass rod,FRP rod,GRP rod,fiberglass bar,Insulation rod,fiberglass stick ,ECR rod and so on.

1. 1. Standard: IEC61109

2. 2. Material: E glass and epoxy resin.

3. 3. Process: Continuous pultrusion.

4. 4. Main Specification

5. Size


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The second thing we will meet when we select the fiberglass core rod,How can we know the which diameter of the rod is suitable for our polymer insulators, especially for chose the insulator core rod for a post insulator which need a high bending strength. There are two way to got it ,one is calculate based on above technical character which is different between different manufacture ,the other is testing to verify the design. We also can ask the experience and the suggestion by the experience engineer by contact www.tidpower.com .Finally we also need to consider the size which the manufacture normally have to avoid make a new mold which cost money and time.Here below is the size of TID TECH fiberglass rod for our reference. Engineer can chose a right size based above calculate and testing.




1.Color: light green or brown.

2.Length: according to Customer requirement.

3. We offer customized products,including the new size, New surface treatment, Jointing the fitting, screw or mechanical.


Products Code D(mm) L (mm) Weight (kg) Products Code D(mm) L (mm) Weight (kg)
TECR00500 Φ5 1000 0.05 TECR03800 φ38 1000 2.44
TECR00800 Φ8 1000 0.11 TECR04000 φ40 1000 2.70
TECR01000 Φ10 1000 0.17 TECR04100 φ41 1000 2.77
TECR01200 Φ12 1000 0.25 TECR04200 Φ42 1000 3.05
TECR01600 φ16 1000 0.43 TECR04500 φ45 1000 3.42
TECR01670 Φ16.7 1000 0.49 TECR05000 φ50 1000 4.22
TECR01748 Φ17.48 1000 0.53 TECR05300 φ53 1000 4.74
TECR01800 φ18 1000 0.55 TECR05500 φ55 1000 5.11
TECR02000 φ20 1000 0.68 TECR06000 φ60 1000 6.10
TECR02200 φ22 1000 0.82 TECR06350 Φ63.5 1000 6.97
TECR02400 φ24 1000 0.98 TECR06800 φ68 1000 7.80
TECR02500 φ25 1000 1.05 TECR07000 φ70 1000 8.27
TECR02600 φ26 1000 1.14 TECR07620 Φ76.2 1000 10.03
TECR02800 φ28 1000 1.29 TECR08000 φ80 1000 10.80
TECR03000 φ30 1000 1.52 TECR09000 φ90 1000 13.67
TECR03200 φ32 1000 1.73 TECR11000 φ110 1000 20.42
TECR03400 φ34 1000 1.95 TECR12000 Φ120 1000 24.87
TECR03600 φ36 1000 2.19 TECR13000 Φ130 1000 29.19






































Polymer insulator manufacture is a very complex process ,the quality base on all aspect ,TID Tech who have more than 15 years polymer insulator manufacture ,always open mind and very glad to share the experience with any transmission and distribution line manufacture engineers to improve the quality of the polymer insulators,If anyone want to discuss with our experienced engineer ,you can get the contact info from www.tidpower.com.